51ste ids Brabo Antwerpen 29/04/2017

judge MR.HARTICH  J (de)
welsh corgi cardigan
covventinea poseidon (otis) minor puppy 2 vp
owners  joran geyssens,berdynne pirlotte;cynthia gebruers
handeld by joran
covventinea paint it black (jagger) minor puppy 1 vp bob minor puppy
and best minor puppy in show 3
owner and handeld cynthia gebruers
covventinea pulp fiction (presley)  junior 1 ex  best junior male
owners joran geyssens,berdynne pirlotte
handeld by cynthia gebruers
covventinea pheninah (nina)  minor puppy 1 vp
owners peggy vervoort,cynthia gebruers
handeld by cynthia gebruers
covventinea pretty paulina (lina)  juniorclass 1 ex bos and best junior in show of the day
owners cynthia gebruers ,katy sterckx
handeld by boris sax thanks boris for the super job you did
blondie's U Took My Heart  (lucy) intermediare 1ex cac/cacib
owners cynthia gebruers , katy sterckx
handeld by cynthia gebruers
welsh corgi pembroke
elfborg neoba in red to covventinea (neoba) openclass 1 ex cac/cacib and  bob
owners cynthia gebruers and jakline konde
handeld by cynthia gebruers
thanks to all friends and supporters for this wonderful day


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