Green dogshow Ciney 2017


Covventinea queen Freddie mercury
1 vp bob minor puppie 
Owner Jonas Horemans Danni Rombaut

Ch DK Blondie's royal casino 
Champion class 1 ex cac/cacib and bob 
Owner Kim Vigsø Nielsen

Covventinea Poseidon 
Junior class 1 ex best junior male 
Owners Joran Geyssens Berdynn Pirlotte

Covventinea pheninah 
Juniorclass 1 ex bob junior
Also selected in the mainring 
Owner Peggy Vervoort

Covventinea pretty Paulina 
Intermediair 1ex cac/ cacib
Owner Katy Sterckx


Elfborg neoba in red to Covventinea 
Open class 1 ex

And our little star 
Ormai toarmina 
MINOR puppy 1vp bob MINOR puppy

And for the 3 the time 

Thanks to My friends for support

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