Ids Rotterdam 29/06/2017

Breed judge Dhr Gerard cox

Covventinea pulp fiction
Juniorclass 1 ex best junior best male and bob
Owners Joran Geyssens and Berdynn Pirlotte
Handeld to perfection by Jolien Deneweth

Covventinea pretty Paulina
Juniorclass 1 ex bos
Owners Cindy Gebruers and Katy Sterckx
Handeld to perfection by Sax Boris


Elfborg neoba in red to covventinea
Intermediair class 1 ex cac/cacib bos
Owners Cindy Gebruers and Jakline Konde

Ormai toarmina
Minor puppie 1 vp bob baby
And to top iT of
so happy and very proud

Thanks to bis in show baby judge Dhr Øystein Eikeseth (no)

Thanks to My dear friends for the support

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