British Sheepdog Club show 2017

British Sheepdog Club show 2017

Covventinea Queen Freddie mercury puppyclass 1 vp
and 3the best puppy in show
owners Jonas Horemans and Danni Rombaut

Covventinea Poseidon juniorclass 2g
owner Joran Geyssens

Covventinea Pulp Fiction intermediair 2 ex
owner Berdynn Pirlotte

Covventinea Only the Bravest openclass 1 ex cac and bob
also place 6 in best in show 
owners Lindy Van Mol and Yorben van Calster

Blondie's Royal Casino championclass 1 ex rescac
owners Kim Vigsø Nielsen and Cindy Gebruers


Covventinea Pheninah juniorclass g
owners Peggy Vervoort and Cindy Gebruers

Covventinea Pretty Paulina intermediair 1 ex cac bos
owners Katy Sterckx and cindy gebruers

Covventinea Orabella openclas 1ex
owner Peggy Vervoort


Ormai Toarmina puppyclas 1vp best puppy
and 4the best puppy in show

thanks to the owners and friends for the fantastic day

special thanks to our sponser opti life Rudy Van Oplynes

again it was a nice show in Merelbeke congratulations to the organisation see you next year

the covventinea clan


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