Dogshow Wieze

Dogshow Wieze

Welsh corgi Cardigan

Covventinea ready to rumble 💖💖💖
Babyklas 1 vp best baby of breed 
Owners me and Rudy Van Oplynes

Covventinea queen Freddie mercury 
Juniorclass 1ex and best junior 
Owners Danni Rombaut and Jonas Horemans

Blondie's u took My heart 
Openclass 1 ex cac and bob 
Very proud of our sweet girl 💞
Melissa Adam Thanks for the help in the main ring 😘😘😘

Welsh corgi Pembroke

Covventinea rag'n bone man 
Babyclass 1 vp and best of breed baby
Congratulations to Owners peter and Sandra Mary Austin

And New man Jackson made his debut 
Ormai arahkis 
Championclass 1 ex cac and best of breed 
Owner Natali Shilenco
Breeder Anastasia Mutsenek
Also selected in the group in the final 6 
So very proud to have this handsome man in our home

Thanks also to My supporters the great opti Life team 🎉🎉🎉

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